Clean Swap: A Fashion-Obsessed Podcaster Detoxes Her Beauty Routine

For Pia Baroncini, Pasadena-based founder of the clothing line LPA, host of the podcast Everything Is the Best, and major makeup fan, the journey to clean beauty took a minute. “You know when the universe is telling you something and you hear it multiple places?” she says. “I was finally like, Okay, I hear you.”

The first nudge came from LA nutritionist Vanessa Fitzgerald. “She has incredible skin, so I asked her, ‘What do you do?’” says Baroncini. “She mentioned clean makeup, and in my head, as archaic as it seems, it sounded a little granola. It was my super naive assumption that I was never going to get that full-coverage, elevated dewy-glowy look with clean products.”

Then she heard from GP: “I went to see her do a live Q&A, and she talked about clean makeup. At one point she said, ‘I just refuse to use products that are endocrine-disrupting.

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