Which Fall Style Archetype Are You?

Shopping by style archetype is a lot like reading your horoscope. While it doesn’t paint the entire picture—there’s your moon sign, your rising sign, and all the cuspers out there—it’s a good place to start. Your personality, your habits, your vibe, the little recognizable truths and on-the-nose narratives we take comfort in knowing: They all tell the story of you.

Which isn’t to say that we are each any one thing. But having a broad understanding of what works and what doesn’t as it applies to your lifestyle can be useful—you can lean into your aesthetic, dress with intention, and confidently color within the lines of your personal style.


Your Vibe: Chic, elegant, and always effortless.
The Palette: Noir et blanc—plus all the luxe leather accents.
Style Mantra: Do less.

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