Today Is the Youngest You’ll Ever Be—Enjoy It

Hello, My Age Is: 50

Marlien Rentmeester |

founder of Le Catch

If you caught her in a G. Label bikini, diving into a pool with her identical twin, Coliena last summer (that’s the two of them, pictured here), you might not have suspected that Marlien Rentmeester was anywhere near fifty years old. “Well,” laughs the founder of the wildly chic style site Le Catch and self-described beauty slacker, “I am!”

“Friends keep teasing me about the goop swim thing—like, ‘How crazy is it that at your age, you could do something like that,’” she says. “And I guess that’s a semi compliment? I mean, why wouldn’t I be able to do it? I’m glad I can do it. I don’t have a model body, but I’m in shape.

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