The Slip-into-Something-More-Comfortable Edit

As much as you’d like them to, your sequined party pants can’t handle every day off in December. You need chic, slouchy, so-soft-you’ll-forget-you’ve-got-pants-on pieces that fall somewhere between luxurious and laid-back. These are items that breeze through the TSA Pre-Check line as swiftly as they turn down for date night with Netflix. Never sloppy, certainly not haphazard, these are the kind of cozies that make wherever you are feel like home.

  1. For the Trip Home…

    There are certain places that require something comfier, snugglier, and all-around more forgiving than your skinny jeans. (Middle seats and moving vehicles are such places.) Work in a tailored overcoat plus slick sneakers and this track suit becomes something else entirely.

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