The Beauty Department Shops the Gift Guide

Photo courtesy of Paul Farnham/The Licensing Project

Chanel sled, check. Mirrored tree house in Sweden, check. But beyond the ridiculous but awesome, there are few presents that delight both giftee and gifter as easily as beauty products: They don’t need to fit, they feel personal but delight many, and they’re that perfect combination of tantalizing and practical. Here, our editors’ picks for the best-of-the-best clean beauty presents.

  1. The Easiest Everyone-Pleasing No-Brainers

  2. Perhaps the most foolproof gift this season comes in a box speckled with pale-pink stars, guaranteed to delight everyone from sisters to coworkers: The new lip balm trio—you get the OG bestselling super nourishing goop lip balm, plus two new sheer, beautifully tinted versions of it, all full size.

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