Summer Camps on Both Coasts (and What to Pack)

Imagine a decades-old Maine sleepaway camp. There’s a good chance that what you are imagining bears a strong resemblance to Camp Laurel. The camp is divided into six campuses—three for girls, three for boys—with names like Kennebago, Acadia, and Sequoia hinting at a reverence for the great outdoors. Camp Laurel welcomes 240 girls and 240 boys between the ages of seven and fifteen to its East Coast location every summer. Days are structured around activities, meals, and, of course, recreation. Mornings kick off with a campus-wide meeting, then cabin cleanup, three morning activities, lunch, rest, and a few more activities in the afternoon. Younger campers are automatically signed up for swimming and tennis lessons, while the older kids have more flexibility in what they want to do. What sets Camp Laurel aside from similar camps in the area are its extensive culinary and theater programs. (There’s also a digital recording studio available to the older kids.

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