My Morning Routine: Creamy-Whipped Ghee, Exfoliation, and a Pre-Ashtanga Soak

My Morning Routine

Raquel Tavares |

Founder of 4th & Heart

It’s hard to remember what came first, our obsession with ghee—the clarified butter that’s a source of omegas, lactose-free, and effing delectable melted over popcorn, sautéed with vegetables, spread on toast, baked into pies, and added to pretty much anything in place of butter—or our fascination with Raquel Tavares, forty-four-year-old LA-based founder of 4th & Heart, the bestselling grass-fed ghee brand we cannot get enough of. Tavares, who immigrated from Brazil to California as a child, has always been an entrepreneur (at age nine, she had a cherry-selling business), and in 2016, she started 4th & Heart, which makes beautifully packaged artisanal ghee. Today she sells twenty different flavors and forms of ghee and just introduced (delicious) ghee-powered bars in stores across the country, including Erewhon and Amazon.

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