Katie Sturino’s Mini Guide to Puglia (with a Packing List)

Megababe founder, Body Talk author, and Instagram star Katie Sturino had honeymooned in the sunny, breathtakingly beautiful Puglia region of southern Italy—and this summer, she went back. “I had to!” she says. “What I love about Puglia is that it’s not a place that caters to tourists as much as the rest of Italy does, so it has more of a small-town, local feel to it. I love immersing myself in the community and blending in with the locals.”

Sturino found herself walking—a lot. “My favorite walking town is Ostuni, known as the White City for all its whitewashed buildings,” she says. There was also a significant amount of swimming: “The beaches are so beautiful—my favorite is Lido Bora Bora. The water is absolutely crystal clear.”

She packed essentials for sunny days—sunscreens, her famous Thigh Rescue, Birkenstocks, and sundresses—and she stocked up on great stuff in the shops, too.

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