Gucci Westman’s New, Next-Level Lip Tints Are Sheer and Sexy

Westman Atelier drops are a big deal around here: Everything founder and makeup artist Gucci Westman makes is immediately indispensable, cool, original, and as luxe and covetable as it gets. Her new Squeaky Clean Lip Balm—a gorgeously textured, beautifully pigmented sheer lip treatment that requires no mirror, looks stunning on all skin tones, and is a delight to swipe on—comes in six shades, and we want them all.

“It’s not your typical gloss or balm,” Westman says. The finish is different, for one thing: “It had to feel weightless and super nourishing at the same time, and then I wanted it sheer and lustrous.” It took her years to perfect, and the result is the dream lip color–balm hybrid. “Think of it as a natural tone-booster that doesn’t give a ‘lipstick’ effect—just smooth, healthy-looking, amplified lips,” she says.

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