From Bathroom Sink to Kitchen Counter, 13 Ways to Make Life at Home More Pleasurable

Whitney Tingle (above, on her sofa at home in NYC) is that friend you beseech constantly for advice because she just knows what’s good. The cofounder of Sakara Life—a health, beauty, and organic plant-based meal-delivery company that is one of the most beautiful, original wellness businesses we know—has epic style, a deep understanding of holistic health practices, and some brilliant ways to shift your home environment so that you love living in it more.

Tingle and cofounder Danielle Duboise are busy, even in lockdown. Following the success of their cookbook, Eat Clean, Play Dirty, and podcast, The Sakara Life Podcast (the two cohost, and it’s great), Sakara just introduced a daily supplement called The Foundation.

On top of that, Tingle is pregnant with her first child and (like many of us) doing it all from home.

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