Four Beauty Gifts We Want for Ourselves

Presents are delightful, whether you’re getting them or giving them. And the fail-safe present, no matter whom you’re buying for (including your own self), involves self-care. The ideal item is one a person might hesitate to splurge on for themselves, something that inherently carves out a restorative moment of self-indulgence as it’s being used and also looks really great. The beauty of most beauty- and self-care-related presents is how they feel particular and personal in a way that (much as we love them) kitchen towels and flower arrangements rarely do.

If you’re a guest anywhere this summer—at a beautiful dinner party, an incredible summer house, or a BBQ on someone’s roof—bring a fantastic bath (or five), a box of indispensable balms, a universally enchanting candle, or a set of the freshest, most beautiful flower waters to spritz anywhere (pulse points, sheets, even cocktails).

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