Face Oils and Cartwheels Are My Secret

Photo courtesy of Mike Neff

Hello, My Age Is: 44

Molly Rosen | founder of Brooklyn Writers Collective, author, and entrepreneur

If you meet Molly Rosen for an early-morning oat milk cappuccino at her neighborhood Brooklyn coffee shop, you won’t be sitting down to drink it. “How am I even a writer when I hate sitting so much?” she asks. “Sitting is the new smoking.” The forty-four-year-old mom of two prefers an ambling-in-the-sunshine coffee hang to a stationary catch-up, and her easy, sparkly energy matches the sparkle of her (makeup-free) skin. “After twenty-five years in business, I’ve finally hit my stride,” says Rosen, who experienced huge success with her first enterprise, Stone Fox Bride, a zeitgeisty bohemian wedding dress brand beloved by downtown cool girls and celebrities.

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