Cult Gaia’s Creative Director Just Wants to Dance

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. For Cult Gaia founder and creative director, Jasmin Hekmat, doing what she loves means working every day of her life. “It’s how I carve out time for myself,” she insists. “If I’m being creative, I sleep better, I’m less stressed, and I feel more fulfilled: It’s my health line.”

Back in 2012, when she got her start making flower crowns, Hekmat never could have predicted the success her aptly named ready-to-wear brand would achieve. Cut to the present day and wearing Cult Gaia is like having a little piece of LACMA-worthy art slung over your shoulder or strapped to your feet—each bag, heel, and vacation-destined dress is more alluring than the last.

“We try to make objects that someone will see and go, ‘Wow, where did you get

that?’ Something that’s extraordinary but also very wearable.

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