Buy That Vintage Piece—and More Advice from an Interior Designer

“I have no sense of direction, and I can barely read a map,” says Sasha Adler. It’s a slightly disconcerting admission from someone who travels often for her work. But Adler doesn’t get lost, at least not when she’s on a trip to explore design shops, markets, and one-of-a-kind furniture finds. She gets a sense, she says, and finds her way “by instinct.”

We’d wager it’s that intuition that guides Adler in her design projects. Her spaces mix vintage and modern, neutral and unexpected, old-world and contemporary with a cadence and a sense of authenticity that make every finished room livable, trendless, and unlike any we’ve seen before. When we look at an Adler-designed space, we wonder: How did she think of that? It’s one of the many reasons we tapped her to design our goop MRKT stores in Austin and Chicago. Her mix of old and new, high and low is always a perfect balance.

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