A New Line of Plant-based, Eco-Friendly, and Great-Smelling Balms for Baby and Family


Perhaps the only upside to workplace inequality is it has driven a lot of amazing women out of corporate America—and straight to the helm of their own companies. At goop, we don’t want to just cheer on these courageous women. We want to meet them and interview them and write about them. With that, we give you: Female Founders, a column featuring women who create, design, and inspire.

As with so many new mothers, when Sarah Olsen, Anna Schafer, and Sara Geittmann would get together shortly after becoming mothers, they would talk about the products they’d been using (on themselves and on their kids). They reached the conclusion that there were basically two kinds of products available: products that smelled great but weren’t organic, and products that were organic but ineffective.

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