6 Coast-to-Coast Workouts (and What to Wear)

desert rose CROP TOP, goop, $70; desert rose SEAMED LEGGING, goop, $110

What’s the best place to go for your endorphin fix? Well, that all depends on your workout of choice, so we’re zeroing in on our favorite sweat sessions from coast to coast. And you know how the perfect sports bra can up your running game? Or a great new pair of yoga pants can make you feel like you can fly right into crow pose? So do we—so we’re including all the gear to take with you.

Ballet Beautiful NYC

Ballet Beautiful NYC’s dance-inspired workouts are a combination of sculpting, toning, and strengthening. A body-skimming leotard in on-pointe pink layered underneath full-length leggings or a floaty skirt spotlights areas of focus—arms, back, posture—for pliés, relevés, jetés…you get the idea.

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