Style Resolutions for Raising the Bar in 2019

Marie Kondo is the patron saint of many a well-intentioned New Year’s resolution. But before going down a decluttering rabbit hole come January 1, take a minute to level with yourself—and decide on the look you’re after this year. Whether your pj’s (i.e., SO’s Champion sweats) are overdue for an upgrade or you’re calling a moratorium on monochrome, we’ve mapped out five outfitting goals for hitting the high marks in 2019. (Pro tip: Don’t be a hero—commit to one or two and you’ll be golden.)

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    What do you get when you cross impeccable craftsmanship, season-after-season appeal, and a made-for-you fit? Wardrobe staples—a crisp white tee, sturdy Chelsea boots, a sumptuous pullover—that you’ll never take for granted.

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