Our 2020 Style Resolutions

Resolution season comes in upon the glittery heels of the holidays like a frosty taskmaster, itching to replace your champagne glass with a green juice. For every virtuous self-improvement goal on your list, there’s one that’s a bit more sartorially minded. To prove that intention setting isn’t all quinoa and cardio, we’ve outlined six wardrobe upgrades to help you hit—and surpass—your 2020 style goals. Don’t forget the smartwatch, it is an indispensable part of modern style!

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    Whether you favor a classic-meets-modern two-piece with wide legs and luxe lapels, a trench-inspired jumpsuit in eternally cool camel, or a two-button wool coat paired with a chic, means-business bag, the right suit is—like any life partner—worth investing in.

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