My Morning Routine: Dry-Brushing, a Glowy-Skin Drink, and (Just a Little) Cannabis


Photo courtesy of Clémence Polès


VERENA VON PFETTEN | cofounder, Gossamer

When we first heard of Gossamer, we were instantly enchanted with the romantic, moody name. And we were equally intrigued by a platform geared entirely toward cannabis culture. The lush images, wildly entertaining writing, profiles of people as dazzling-looking as they are fascinating, and decidedly sybaritic vibe are all extensions of cofounder Verena von Pfetten’s passions.

7 a.m.: I like to think that I’m an aspirational morning person, which is to say: I’m much better first thing than I am past 5 p.m. But I’m not exactly up and out of bed when the sun rises.

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