Ibiza: Our Happy Place

Hope you all had an amazing bank holiday weekend! I didn’t quite anticipate how many people would be interested in my Ibiza tips and so to save time I decided that instead of emailing everyone its just easier to do a blog post! I did one last year but to save you from trying to find it here is a new one.

Ibiza is our happy place. My husband and I got married there almost 3 years ago and for me its the one place on earth that I would move to apart from London. For anyone thinking of getting married there we used the wedding planning company Deliciously Sorted and a girl called Johanna who is great. Might be hard to believe given my love of clothes but I am actually a hippy at heart and am happiest barefoot on a beach or amongst nature.

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

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